Cabo Verdean Diaspora and Cabo Verde’s First Declaration of Independence

Political history of Cabo Verdean independence neglects an important historical event that took place in the city of Boston, United States, in February 1975. Called in by the Juridical Congress of World Cape Verdean Communities, a convention of over 2500 Cabo Verdean Americans assembled and discussed the political future of Cabo Verde and ultimately produced the declaration of independence. Relying on historical documents and journalistic reports, this paper critically analyzes the dynamism and history leading to this summit as well as the development of dissenting views within Cabo-Verdean-American community.

Abel Djassi Amado, Boston College


Abel Djassi Amado holds a doctorate in Political Science from Boston University. He researches on politics of language in post-colonial African states and political history of colonialism and anti-colonialism. He is currently an adjunct professor at Boston College, where he teaches Politics of Race and Sub-Saharan African Politics.